About Collective Memory

The Collective Memory is a database of evaluations of a diverse range of science communication initiatives. Explore the database to learn about past successes, useful tips for planning events and types of evaluation strategy.

The Collective Memory aims to bring together the wealth of expertise from across the public engagement community to help you learn from your peers. Explore, comment, ask questions and share your experience. For more information, have a look at the FAQs.

This platform has been developed by the Science in Society team of the British Science Association supported by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills ‘Science for All’ expert group.

The Collective Memory platform was developed by Steph Gray at Helpful Technology.
We would like to thank the following for their expert guidance and advice when developing the concept:
Karen Bultitude, Dominic McDonald, Laura Grant, Lesley Paterson, Nigel Eady, Richard Holliman, Members of the British Interactive Group and the psci-com mailing list.

Need help? Email the site manager, Toby Shannon