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NASA in Aberdeen: Inspiring the Next Generation

Aberdeen Science Centre brought together a steering group of various companies and STEM Learning providers in Aberdeen including; the Society of Petroleum Engineers (Aberdeen Section), Energy Institute, Society for Underwater Technology. Robert Gordon’s College, Mearns and Gill and TechFest. This … Continue reading

I'm an Engineer, Get me out of here – Ingenious Grant

This Ingenious Grant allowed us to exceed many of our objectives and connect 2,047 students from 55 schools with 25 engineers. 89% of the students who logged in actively engaged with the site. There were 1,262 questions and over 47 … Continue reading

The Beaches of Cascais: past and present

An outdoor science-based exhibition. Twenty-eight large prints (2x1m) showed the same beach as captured by old and recent photographs, with the images displayed side-by-side. One print displayed a map with the name and location of the beaches, and another one … Continue reading

Average Human

The Average Human was a multi-sensory installation taking science directly to a busy city centre cinema and exhibition complex. Visitors went on a journey of discovery into the daily nutrition, sleep and exercise habits of the average Britain. At its … Continue reading

Nappy Science Gang

Nappy Science Gang is a user-led citizen science project for parents who use reusable (cloth) nappies, funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society for Chemistry. The project ran from March 2015 to Feb 2016, mainly consisting of a … Continue reading

The Powerof Light

We took a 3x6m gazebo into the central courtyard of the Southgate shopping centre in Bath for Saturday 26th September 9am-7pm. The main focus was an activity building a hand-held spectroscope using a specially made box and a piece of … Continue reading

Exploring the Universe in Virtual Reality

We create two mobile phone apps which work with the Google Cardboard headset. Google Cardboard is a cheap device that allows you to convert your mobile phone in to a virtual reality headset. We published the two apps on to … Continue reading

“Copenhagen” comes to Abingdon

Development I saw Copenhagen performed as a dramatic reading (i.e. the actors reading from their scripts on stage) at the ESOF conference in July 2012. It made me realise that by doing it in this way, the play was within … Continue reading

CowGirl Parlour

We created a sound and visual installation inside a redesigned vintage caravan which was accompanied by a live sung and spoken performance and a pop-up ice-cream parlour. The project was a pilot, and was open to the public for ten … Continue reading

Electricity Distribution Debate Kit

We sent hard copies of the kit to 810 teachers who requested it and to 250 teachers who took part in I’m a Scientist in 2014. We distributed another 687 kits through STEM Contract Holders and in teacher conferences. The … Continue reading

Data Physicalisation

IED Visiting Lecturer Karin von Ompteda ran the project as planned, working with physics PhD students identified by the Institute of Physics. Instead of working with their data however, we focused on their practices and subject matter. The resulting work … Continue reading


We engaged 200 adults in our CSI CSWhy CSHow course. The adults took part in a 6-week learning programme where they had to solve a murder. They were introduced to crime scene investigation in week 1 and had the chance … Continue reading

Social Steam Engine Science and Wellbeing Workshops

Initially using art and craft materials we conducted workshops and around colour gravity astronomy and motion. These later progressed into rebuilding a broken nitro car and learning how it worked. Towards the end of the programme we were looking at … Continue reading

Pulleys & Whatnot!

Simple science experiments were demonstrated via a 2 hour workshop at Greenmeadow Community Farm on 18th September 2014 to 20 playworkers aged 18-65 years. The playworkers participated in the experiments based around gravity, centripetal force, velocity, lift, friction and weight … Continue reading

an outdoor video mapping project of the launch of a space rocket and its journey through space

With Space Station Grantham we will offer a visual and sound event which imaginatively brings to life by means of a space rocket projection onto the church tower and accompanying activities. The audience for Space Station Grantham over 2 evenings … Continue reading

Shining light on the environment – STFC Science outreach fellowship

Pretty much all the things listed in my objectives. There was less work with the media than I hoped and in the end it didn’t prove practical to do lots of tours of Diamond other than pre-existing ones, but that … Continue reading

Pre-school science engagement activities survey

A survey was set up and distributed to potentially interested people (e.g. parents, researchers, science communicators, educators and childcare providers) via email lists and social media.

Altered Perceptions

We worked with researchers and clinicians to develop a set of hands on activities and resources that 1. explain how our brains and our senses work together to make sense of the world, 2. convey what it would be like … Continue reading

"…the skies over Thanet are the loveliest in all Europe"

We created a brand relating to the event, ‘Planet Discovery,’ so that we could replicate the model if it proved to be successful and introduce other areas of science education. We chose a Town Centre venue adjacent to the market … Continue reading


The exhibition is a dynamic installation that flows organically throughout the whole of the 750m2 third floor of Glasgow Science Centre (GSC), taking full advantage of the bright, open, riverside aspect to create an immediate impressive factor. In this impressive … Continue reading

Hormone Harmony (Funded by the Physiological Society)

Hormone Harmony was delivered by three performers playing ‘Greek hero’, characters who were striving for perfect physiological balance, or homeostasis. The heroes were accompanied by their ‘oracles’ (the two scientists). Multiple performances, activities and engagements were performed whilst roaming, or … Continue reading

Homeland Argyll & Bute

We provided training courses and workshops for local people on how to record and interpret what they found. Training was provided on photogrammetry, surveying and recording for adults and the use of digital photography and film for children and young … Continue reading

Community Physics Dundee

Each session at the Boy’s Brigade consisted of travel to and from the hall by bus from the city centre. 4 society members were involved in leading a session, with the leaders working in pairs to walk the groups of … Continue reading

Thought Experiments: Physics through Fiction

The three physics consultants we ended up working with were: physicists Dr Robert Appleby (University of Manchester) and Professor Tara Shears (University of Liverpool), and the philosopher of physics, Dr Roman Frigg (London School of Economics). One of the authors, … Continue reading

STELLA, a story of women, their men and astronomy

We brought together an artistic team who worked collaboratively in preproduction and throughout rehearsals to create STELLA. We then opened in the Brighton Fringe Festival and toured to fifteen venues and played twenty seven performances. On tour STELLA played small … Continue reading

Science on Your Doorstep

The support varied from background brain storming sessions, development of concepts, training of volunteers, sourcing of material to actual physical assistance with events.

The Galaxy Garden “Watch this Space” at RHS Tatton Show

Sponsoring a themed “Galaxy Garden” at the RHS Tatton Show, gave us the ideal opportunity to bring the excitement of astronomical research to a new audience. This grant allowed us to bring together astronomers and horticulturalists to guide visitors around … Continue reading

Celebrating Gender Diversity in the World of Physics

We carried out: − A workshop with a group of young trans people to gather experiences of physics in education with regards to gender identity, consider successful trans people working in the industries of physics as well as sharing ideas … Continue reading

A Dome Museum at Alston Observatory

The dome has been fully decorated to and cleaned to make it suitable for public access. Chalk boards, white boards, and cupboards, were removed from the walls to make room for exhibition boards. Five exhibition boards are planned covering Solar … Continue reading

Step into the light fantastic!

- developed with volunteers, a new hands on space exploring light and optics. Areas include Refrection and Refraction, Interference, polarisation, diffraction and colours. All based in a series of stations to encourage participation and brought to life by volunteers

Music of the Sun and Stars

The project combines a four-channel sound installation, “5-minute oscillations of the Sun”, created from actual helioseismic data by the sound artist Caroline Devine, with animated educational material explaining the origins, observations and use of data on oscillations of the Sun. … Continue reading

bed of nails

Over the last year I have designed, build, written risk assessments and demonstrated a bed of nails at six events in and around Sheffield. The bed of nails was designed to be modular and transportable, these aspects have been key … Continue reading

Sidmouth Science Festival 2013

The festival included talks by internationally recognised scientists, hands-on activities from universities, colleges and schools, discussions (café scientifique), science trails, science demonstrations at local schools and the Norman Lockyer Observatory. Every primary school pupil in the Sidmouth area produced a … Continue reading

Magnetism: The Attraction is Clear

I set up a display with a variety of interactive demonstrations. 1. I began with a magnetic fishing task where all of the items were metallic but only some were magnetic and invited people to fish things out. 2. I … Continue reading

Institute of Food Research stand on Network Science at Big Bang Fair 2013

Collaborated with MEandER Travelling Arts Emporium to develop a highly interactive and visually different stand for the Big Bang Fair 2013, accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Energise! at the Glasgow Science Centre

The core programme included an exhibition (11 exhibits where visitors could test their speed, accuracy, strength, endurance – examples include ‘Aim’ visitors aimed balls into various buckets; Hang time – how long can you hang?; a climbing frame); a science … Continue reading


We put on a dramatic reading of the play at a local theatre. We got funding from the IoP (£1100), and the local District Council (£700). The school whose theatre we were using gave it to us for a peppercorn … Continue reading

Undercover Chemistry

To develop a trail of 8-12 shops, each with a Molymod molecule “hidden” inside it. Each molecule was tailor made for the shop, and had an A4 info sheet alongside it which said what the molecule was and why it … Continue reading

“Jugular: Joining The Head and the Heart”

The Gung Ho Down presented « Jugular :Joining The Head and The Heart », a whistle-stop tour of giant ideas through a cabaret of stories, songs, playlets, games & live lectures to offer a multi-faceted journey of the human experience. … Continue reading

Physics of Music

The project involved three hands-on workshops, delivered to a mixed audience. The first workshop covered the basics of sound, the second examined in more detail the differences between musical instruments, and the third examined the difference between “sound” and “music”, … Continue reading

Adventures in Space and Storytime: Finding the Theatre in Physics

We produced the show “Dark Matters” (40 minutes + 20 minutes questions) and performed it at Newcastle, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Cheltenham, Winchester and Aberdeen (British Science Festival 2012). We ran three workshops in Newcastle, Oxford and London.

Particle Physics for Fife, Kinross and Dundee: The LHC and the Higgs boson

Participants attended a 45-minute talk, then spent around an hour in a hands-on exhibition, being guided round by PhD students and lecturers from the summer school. The hands-on displays were from the Particle Physics for Scottish Schools project (University of … Continue reading

How physics shapes our lives in West Ardnamurchan

The project introduced the following topics: 1. Optics and the nature of light 2. Tides, gravity and forces 3. CERN and the Higgs Boson 4. Astrophysics The approach was a combination of practical activities and experiments, discussion and lectures. The … Continue reading

South Wales Physics Road Shows

Techniquest visited three shopping centres in South Wales located in socially and economically deprived areas. By presenting physics in a public venue, Techniquest allowed people the flexibility to participate on their own terms. Visitors were able to experiment with mini-exhibits … Continue reading

Physics on the Foreshore

We trained 10 volunteers new to physics busking on 6th August and recruited 3 experienced buskers. There were 5 buskers per day from 7th – 10th August, busking in a marquee or on the beach (depending on the weather). An … Continue reading

The x-change at the British Science Festival 2012

I managed and produced the project. Inthe months leading up the Festival I pre-booked speakers for both the live show and the supplementary x-tra’s. during the Festival I managed four volunteers as they helped produce the live shows. I also … Continue reading

In The Footsteps Of Giants

Following a wine reception and an introduction to the ideas of James Hutton at Our Dynamic Earth, participants were guided up Salisbury Crags, engaged with the geology and told stories about Arthur’s Seat’s past. The event culminated in a bicycle-powered … Continue reading

Dundee Science Festival 2010

Dundee Science Centre led the creation of the festival – as part of our mission to make science part of culture. We invited senior representatives of a range of partners (universities, college, education etc) to a discussion session, to gain … Continue reading

Science in Norwich Day

One day science festival with stands, demonstrations, science shows and talks and sciart actvities

Frontiers type interdisciplinary conference

I kept contacting people starting from Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, and Oxford down the list in order to get four exciting speakers in the interdisciplinary cross-roads: in the end I obtained speakers from NASA’s JPL, Oxford University and KAIST in South … Continue reading

Physics at the Horne Section

The project was instigated by an invitation for science made simple to participate in The Horne Section – a jazz-infused comedy night. The host, comedian Alex Horne, has gathered some of the UK’s finest jazz musicians and mixed them with … Continue reading

Pedal Power Physics (Funded by the Institute of Physics)

This project engaged audiences in Einstein’s Garden at the Green Man Festival with the physics of pedal power, sparking people’s curiosity about this fun, interactive and social source of renewable energy. The Green Man Festival took place on 20th-22nd August … Continue reading

Fuel Cell Power (funded by the Institute of Physics)

We created a fun and quirky short film showing how hydrogen and oxygen are combined in a fuel cell to produce electricity. This film was screened in the Omni-Tent (one of the main venues in Einstein’s Garden which is powered … Continue reading

Pioneers of British Railway

A daily ‘episode’ broadcast several times throughout the day looking at the pioneers of the British railway.

Science ABC evening classes

We worked with OAL to publicise the series, which we had developed out of the Science ABC sessions that had been piloted before (see other entry). We relied on their publicity to generate an audience, but in the end we … Continue reading

The science of the perfect baked potato (Spud Physics)

Participants baked different varieties of potato using a microwave oven and a conventional oven. At intervals during baking they measured: temperature of the potato core and surface using a thermometer, water loss by weighing, and texture. Cooked potato flavour was … Continue reading

Science and the community

A lecture and hands-on materials exploring human visual processing.

The x-change 2011

The x-change is a popular annual feature of the British Science Festival. The Science in Society team, together with a team of 5 volunteers, sources speakers and demonstrations for a nightly highlights show which aims to bring the best of … Continue reading

Science ABC

We developed 10 sessions looking at different topics. Each session ran at Science Oxford, and lasted about 90 minutes. Each session used a mix of styles – hands on, film, expert speakers, and “chalk and talk” The sessions were: Evolution … Continue reading

Upstream Public Engagement at the Zoo

Conducted a set of concurrent focus groups involving publics upstream in deciding public engagement priorities, content and methods for Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey

Robot Thought

Four robotics laboratories were involved in the rollout: the Intelligent Robotics Group at Aberystwyth University; the Robotics Outreach Group at the Open University; the Cricket Lab a the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh; the Bristol Robotics Laboratory … Continue reading

Dana Centre: Audience-led programme

The Science Museum’s Dana Centre set up a focus group of members from London’s African-Caribbean community. Initially the focus group was consulted to inform two events at the Dana Centre. The group were involved in selecting the specific topic-area, the … Continue reading

Dark Sky Scotland

The programme has involved a vast array of events and activities in different types of venues, following different formats, tailored for different types of participants: • We have run weekend events in some of the most remote communities in Scotland … Continue reading

Healing in the fields and forests

Workshops were held in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, and focussed on the major medicinal and cosmetic plants used at these times. Each day started with an orientation session followed by a guided walk in nearby woodlands highlighting British native … Continue reading

Community Open Weekends, Thinktank

Building on the community engagement strategy, we work with schools, community groups and community leaders within targeted wards to raise awareness of the Open Weekends. Approx. 30K vouchers (valid for the Open Weekend only) are distributed via these networks to … Continue reading

Guerrilla Science

We created a programme of events inspired by science along three festival oriented themes: music, the mind, and escape. These were integrated into a wider festival or arts and cultural context. Most of our activities involved fitting into a pre-existing … Continue reading

Science Shop Wales

Science Shops Wales carried out demand-driven research with and on behalf of Welsh civil society organisations, using staff, contract and student researchers. The research projects were predominantly inter- and multi-disciplinary and covered a wide variety of scientific (natural and life … Continue reading

Govan Science Shuffle

Worked with a community activist project called the Common Good Awareness project, to take part in an annual gathering, the Govan Reshuffle at the Pearce Institute, and added a second annual event, the Govan Science Shuffle in 2009. The … Continue reading

Ruthin: Market town of the future

This proposal involves the inhabitants of a typical market town in evaluation and then proposal for future scenarios for the town through the use of design workshops, design charettes, exhibition and public consultation. In this study different methods of engagement … Continue reading

Climate change testimonies from refugees

Virtual Migrants in partnership with the Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures and Manchester Refugee Support Network trained 15 members from different refugee communities in video camera interviewing and documenting techniques, including uses and methods of editing, internet uploading and blogging. These … Continue reading

Community x-change

We ran a series of deliberative workshops in East Anglia and Liverpool. In each region, the citizens met for four full days spread over 3 weekends within a period of around 6 weeks. The workshops were all held in community … Continue reading

The S Factor

The project ran a variety of lively and enjoyable science events for the public: radio phone-ins, public debates with high-profile figures, interactive science workshops on topical issues, a comedy show and science Q and A sessions in café settings. At … Continue reading

Chemistry Show in British Sign Language

2008: We put on a Chemistry show delivered in BSL and translated into English orally and by an electronic note taker. It formed a part of the Manchester Science Festival and was aimed at improving accessibility to a hard to … Continue reading

The Cutting Edge

We displayed 5 of the exhibits from the RS Summer Exhibition, and ran a series of events based on cutting-edge science.

Stars and Stories

Trained up 5 storytellers and attended the festival, owing to the terrible weather conditions our targets were not quite reached, but still engaged 308 festival goers with constellation star stories. This project was supported by an IOP public engagement grant

Science Oxford Film Nights

We bought an umbrella film licence from MPLC (~£300p.a.), and used it to run a film night every month for a year. Each film was linked to our season theme, but the nature of the licence meant that we couldn’t … Continue reading

Science of Robotics: Mission to Mars

The project introduced the physical principles behind the science of robotics and its usefulness in space exploration. The various sessions during the event were set in a space context such as the Mars pathfinder and Mars exploration missions.

Oxfordshire Wildlife Exposed

We launched a wildlife photography competition in August 2008, which closed at end September 2008. People could submit up to 3 photos of wildlife taken in Oxfordshire. The photos were judged in October. Shortlisted and winning entries were displayed at … Continue reading

Nature & Nurture

We displayed the Inside DNA exhiblets and Choose Your Character exhibition

National Science and Engineering Week 2009

Coordinate the programme of over 3,500 STEM events across the country.


We acted as a gallery space for “Metron” a pair of local artists who had exhibited previously at Modern Art Oxford on the subject of measurement.

Generic Venues: Researching the impact of science communication in non-traditional locations

We started by select different non traditional venues, in order to gather a wide range of locations, as well as audience types. After contacting the team organising each activity, we developed an evaluation plan. We attended every event and evaluated … Continue reading

Einstein at Glastonbury

Members of the Science Communication Unit at UWE took the 2005 Glastonbury Festival by storm with their innovative project Einstein at Glastonbury. The dynamic team of young science communicators delivered enthusiastic and oftentimes impromptu demonstrations, educating and entertaining the crowd … Continue reading

Cambridge Science Festival

Co-ordinate over 150 free public events each year during a fortnight each March. Deliver Schools Roadshow reaching around 50 schools, Schools Masterclasses for 500 GCSE state school pupils and other outreach programmes.

A dialogue on Animals Containing Human Material

Public workshops x2 in London and Newcastle (~20 participants), three focus groups with patients, those with strong animal welfare views, and those for whom faith was an important influence on their lifestyle, 20 follow-up interviews with participants and a survey … Continue reading

The x-change 2010

A team of 5 volunteers and a journalist mentor/presenter created and marketed the show at the British Science Festival at Aston University by attending a wide range of Festival talks and recruiting speakers to appear at the evening session in … Continue reading

Science Oxford Book Club

We ran an initial ‘launch’ event with high profile speakers talking about their favourite science books, and then tried to jump off from that into a monthly event where we would discuss several books on a given theme – some … Continue reading

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