Contributing to our Flickr Pool

To add a photo to the Science in Society pool:

1. First, visit the Pool page and join, so you can contribute images. Click the ‘Join this group’ link under the group title.

Join group

2. Upload your own photos to your Flickr stream, or navigate to the photo you want to add to the Pool, making sure it has been uploaded as a publicly-viewable photo. Please ensure you have the necessary permissions and copyright ownership/licence to share a photo. Choose ‘Add to group’ from the Actions menu just above the photo:

action menu

3. Start typing ‘Science in Society’ into the box which appears, and you’ll be prompted to add the photo to the group:

Grou padd

Once you’ve confirmed the addition, the image will be added to the Pool immediately.

You can remove it by navigating to the Pool page while logged in, and clicking the small grey cross next to the image you’ve contributed.

Thanks in advance for your contributions!

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