A Dome Museum at Alston Observatory

Project aims:

The primary aim of the project was to renovate the Wilfred Hall Observatory telescope dome into a museum. Within this we aimed to produce an exhibition covering a range of astrophysical topics and concepts that could form the basis of further discussion.

Summary of activity:

The dome has been fully decorated to and cleaned to make it suitable for public access. Chalk boards, white boards, and cupboards, were removed from the walls to make room for exhibition boards. Five exhibition boards are planned covering Solar Explosions, Stellar Explosions, Galactic Archeology, Planet Detection and the Transit of Venus. Each board relates one subject area to another showing the links between different aspects of Astronomy which may be hard to identify from a student or non-expert view.

Evaluation approach:

What went well:

1. The project can be extended in the future so it will not become dated.

2. Focus is educational rather than historical as requested by teachers.

3. A disused building can now be used for educational purposes.

What was learned:

1. Be flexible

2. Set dates/times of meetings well in advance and make sure people commit to them.

3. Be practical with your timescale and plan for the unexpected.

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August 2013

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