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Project aims:

As part of the John Innes Centre Centenary to raise the profile of women scientists in the pioneering days of genetics in the lab of William Bateson, JICs first Director who coined the word genetics.


To produce a documented legacy of early women scientists as part of the history of JIC which was entertaining and had modern relevance.

Summary of activity:

Worked with a writer who had worked on science play previously to produce a script that was relevant to modern day science but would capture the prominent place of women in the history of genetics.

Evaluation approach:

Feedback from artists, producer and audiences, case study report in Science Communication A Practical Guide for Scientists

What went well:

1. Collaboration between writer, historian and scientists

2. Willingness of actresses to immerse themselves in scientific culture

3. Final outcome!

What was learned:

1. How long a project of this kind takes!

2. What a rich resource of science history we have at JIC

3. How to produce a play

Top tips and advice for others

1. Be prepared to continually evolve the script

2. Be patient

3. Make science research centres keep an archive

About this project


Project type:

Started (approximately):

March 2009

Ended: (approximately)

March 2010

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Dee Rawsthorne
Norwich BioScience Institutes

Outreach co-ordinator for the BBSRC institutes in Norwich. Love to tell people about all the amazing sceince that happens in Norwich and why it is relevant to them. Create an atmosphere of trust such …

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