Community Engagement at Dundee Science Festival

Project aims:

To engage with hard to reach groups in Dundee and inspire them with science. To encourage families to learn together

Summary of activity:

Through a series of events during Dundee Science Festival we celebrated science with hard to reach audiences in deprived areas of Dundee. The events were designed to bring new topics to those that may not have a previous connection with the festival or science in general. By creating activities around popular subjects such as sports, forensics, robotics and astronomy we encouraged families to come together and be inspired. Events included a deaf accessible stargazing event at a local community centre with activities such as a planetarium, a show, telescope viewing and hands on workshops especially designed for hard of hearing and elderly groups. A forensic themed event allowing members of the public to meet forensic experts and police and take part in a mock crime scene and a health and fitness themed event in which families could learn more about food, nutrition and healthy living and also take part in sporting activities.

Evaluation approach:

We encouraged all attendees to fill in feedback forms and also had members of staff on hand to speak to visitors.

What went well:

1.Promoting family engagement through hands on activities

2.Bringing science through popular topics

3.educating groups through informal methods

What was learned:

1.Many audiences can be put off by formal science but everyday subjects can break down some of stereotypical barriers

2. Using interactive and hands on activities encourages families to learn together

3. Don't plan a format, gauge the audience and let them explore.

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Started (approximately):

1st Nov 2014

Ended: (approximately)

16th Nov 2014

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