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Project aims:

To bring Physics and related subjects to deprived areas of Dundee which , otherwise, would not be given the opportunity to pursue an interest in the subject.

Summary of activity:

Each session at the Boy’s Brigade consisted of travel to and from the hall by bus from the city centre. 4 society members were involved in leading a session, with the leaders working in pairs to walk the groups of boys through some basic experiments on a variety of physics and science based topics. The four sessions consisted of 4 completely separate sets of experiments and discussions. Firstly, we led a discussion and demonstration based around renewable energies and the working physics behind (primarily) wind farms and solar power. Our next session was based on Optics and light. For this we focussed on everyday objects such as mirrors, glass and other materials that the participants would be familiar with. For our third session we concentrated this around waves and sound. We used a multitude of instruments and some other more unfamiliar equipment to show different phenomenon. Lastly, we used a session to show how gravity and other basic rules of mechanics affect the world around this. Using familiar objects like sports balls, toy cars, a marble run and others, we demonstrated and let the boy’s take part in experiments which would show these. We received almost wholly positive feedback from the participants, who were at an age where physics as a school subject might still be alien to them. We have since been asked to return in the next session (beginning in August 2014) and plan to take up this offer.

Evaluation approach:

Feedback reports from both participants and demonstrators.

What went well:

1. Many boys were surprised to be interested in Physics.

2. Adults joined in once they realised that they were interested.

3. Good rapour built with BB company.

What was learned:

1. Not all boys of school age are interested in Physics.

2. More adults are required to take part as encouragement.

3. Leave ourselves more time to complete.

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Started (approximately):

Sept 2013

Ended: (approximately)

December 2013

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Niall Christie
Dundee University Physics Society

I am a third year Bsc Physics student who contributes to a local Boy's Brigade company by holding science classes regularily throughout the term. …

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