CowGirl Parlour

Project aims:

An exploration of the breeding of high yield dairy cows and the extensive and widespread body of ancient myths and stories about the Abundant Cow.

Summary of activity:

We created a sound and visual installation inside a redesigned vintage caravan which was accompanied by a live sung and spoken performance and a pop-up ice-cream parlour. The project was a pilot, and was open to the public for ten days as part of the Ledbury Poetry Festival.

Evaluation approach:

What went well:

1. People loved being in the installation.

2. The project provoked deep reflection as well as being celebratory.

3. The quality of the many different elements of the project was very high, and commented on by visitors.

What was learned:

1. People are very open to a chance to drop into a quiet, reflective space even on a busy day in the middle of a market town.

2. A small reflective space will not accommodate many people at a time! You can have a higher throughput or more quality time but not both, even in the long days of early July.

3. When cows are involved people find making puns irresistible. (udderly brilliant, moosic to my ears etc)

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Project type:

Started (approximately):

July 2014

Ended: (approximately)

September 2015

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