Dr. Ecostein's Monster


Project aims:

To find a way of engaging primary and secondary school children in a workshop about sustainable energy.


Not to bore the audience, to create something the opposite of standing up in front of a class showing them low energy light bulbs. For the workshop to be portable and to cover wind, water and solar power.

Summary of activity:

We came up with the idea of an monster that eats sustainable energy – we created Dr. Ecostein’s Monster – a life size Frankenstein style animatronic monster in a crate that the class work to bring to life by generating sustainable energy with a number of wind, water and solar power units.

Evaluation approach:

Our client delivered the workshops, so we only received verbal feedback, but it exceeded it's aims by adding so much humour to the sessions which allowed it to be successful with older age groups than intended.

What went well:

1. We pulled off a whacky idea based on humour and fun to create engagement.

2. Creating a hands-on workshop for a full class.

3. Getting children to work out for themselves the concepts of more light, more power etc.

What was learned:

1. Durability durability durability

2. Testing - get rid of the unnecessary bits, keep the unexpectedly good bits.

3. You don't have to settle with boring.

Top tips and advice for others

1. Start thinking about how to make the worst exhibit, not the best, it is easier.

2. Start thinking of what you would find fun and fit the message to it.

3. Always mock thing up and have a play - cardboard and masking tape is great.

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