Electricity Distribution Debate Kit


Project aims:

Western Power Distribution gave us funding to provide an effective debate kit to help teachers set the ground for the discussion all the issues surrounding Electricity Distribution. This kit is part of a series of debate kits that give teachers everything they need to run a debate on a set contentious topic and help their students develop discussion skills.


Produce and distribute 2,000 debate kits to teachers across the UK and increase the students’ awareness of the issues surrounding electricity distribution.

Summary of activity:

We sent hard copies of the kit to 810 teachers who requested it and to 250 teachers who took part in I’m a Scientist in 2014. We distributed another 687 kits through STEM Contract Holders and in teacher conferences. The kit was also downloaded by 242 different users.

Evaluation approach:

Measuring the number of debate kits that have been used is the best way to get an idea of their global impact. We asked a random sample of 100 teachers who’d requested a kit if they had used it. We also asked the ones who had used the kit to fill in a feedback survey. We also developed an online survey that teachers should fill at different stages during the activity to monitor how students changed their views as they discussed the topic.

We produced an evaluation report with all our findings that can be found at: See: http://debate.imascientist.org.uk/files/2015/03/Electricity-DK-Evaluation-FINAL.pdf

What went well:

1. Every teacher who filled in the feedback survey found the kit to be an “excellent” or “pretty good” educational resource.

2. 97% of teachers feel their students know more about Electricity Distribution after using the kit.

3. Students reflected on the issues surrounding electricity distribution during the debate and changed their minds throughout the debate.

What was learned:

1. We estimate that at least 29% of the teachers who requested the kit had used it.

2. The majority (62%) of the teachers that hadn’t already used the debate kit were planning to use it later in the school year.

Top tips and advice for others

1. It is very important to send educational resources on the right time of the year, as teachers would probably forget if they get at a less convenient time.

2. Having an online version of your educational resources, and promoting them in online teacher networks, helps you get to new sectors of the public and makes the resources more accessible.

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