Fuel Cell Power (funded by the Institute of Physics)

Project aims:

The aim of Fuel Cell Power was to engage audiences in Einstein’s Garden at the Green Man Festival with the physics involved in hydrogen fuel cells and the relative benefits of this energy production technology in the context of sustainability.


Present information and explanations of Fuel Cell Power in a fun, accessible and relevant way

Raise awareness of the physics involved in Hydrogen fuel cells

Place information about fuel cells into the context of sustainability

Develop the communication and engagement skills of the project team

Summary of activity:

We created a fun and quirky short film showing how hydrogen and oxygen are combined in a fuel cell to produce electricity. This film was screened in the Omni-Tent (one of the main venues in Einstein’s Garden which is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell) before programmed events during the festival, reaching 1500 audience members over three days. Find the film on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3Aqg-61I4k

Evaluation approach:

The project was evaluated against the aim and objectives through short reports completed by all project team members (scientists, science communicators and film makers) and snapshot interviews with audience members who had watched the film.

What went well:

1. Audience members found the film enjoyable and interesting

2. Audience members took away key messages about the physics of fuel cells

3. Team members benefited from being involved in the project in terms of the development of their communications skills

What was learned:

1. A clear focus and a small number of key messages was more important than getting across lots of information

2. It was important for the film to have a fun, lighthearted feel, reflecting the festival context

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