Homeland Argyll & Bute


Project aims:

1. Make innovative use of science & technology to combine with art and culture to create a product that works on a local, national and international level.

2. Encourage the passion people feel for their 'homeland'.


To create films, 3-D photography, walking route apps and story apps that would describe how they felt about the archaeology they found and tell the story for others to be encouraged to visit.

To create a virtual and touring exhibition that would showcase the project and encourage others to replicate.

Summary of activity:

We provided training courses and workshops for local people on how to record and interpret what they found. Training was provided on photogrammetry, surveying and recording for adults and the use of digital photography and film for children and young people.

Evaluation approach:

We had several key indicators for the project, numbers of people involved, number of days training, number of films and apps created, number of people reached through publicity.

What went well:

1. An additional needs unit from a local school made their own drama film about a clearance site.

2. Phone apps were created that can be downloaded by anyone with i and android technology

3. Virtual exhibition and touring exhibition encourage replication so that the project can continue past the life of the funding.


What was learned:

1. Planning and publicity are paramount to success.

2. You can't plan for the Scottish weather!

3. People have a really strong sense of place.

Top tips and advice for others

1. Give yourself plenty time to plan and enthuse your target audience

2. Make sure you have enough funding in place to achieve your aims

3. Keep an open mind.

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