Institute of Food Research stand on Network Science at Big Bang Fair 2013

Project aims:

To produce an interactive stand illustrating the importance of network science and its relationship to the food chain and tracking food poisoning outbreaks.


To engage people in the relatively new area of network science and demonstrate its social relevance.

Summary of activity:

Collaborated with MEandER Travelling Arts Emporium to develop a highly interactive and visually different stand for the Big Bang Fair 2013, accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Evaluation approach:

Contracted a professional evaluator, report attached

What went well:

1. Stand did attract, engage and retain audiences

2. Different entry levels depending on age

3. Addition of performance element

What was learned:

1. Sci art projects add an extra dimension to a project and are fun!

2. Conversation between science and art is a valuable learning experience for both parties, scientists have to explain themselves clearly

3. Lack of people's awareness of where food comes from and travels to get to your plate

4. Not to be afraid of tacking a perceived difficult science topic to convey to the public

Top tips and advice for others

1. Pre build a complex stand entirely at least once before main event

2. You never have enough volunteers

3. Not to be afraid to close a stand down for rest and recuperation if needed

About the contributor

Dee Rawsthorne
Norwich BioScience Institutes

Outreach co-ordinator for the BBSRC institutes in Norwich. Love to tell people about all the amazing sceince that happens in Norwich and why it is relevant to them. Create an atmosphere of trust such …

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