Listen, a soundtrack of shared memories

Project aims:

To advocate about the importance of sound and listening in films

To connect young people with older people in the community to work together

To involve creative practises in oral history to engage the public using film archives


Create a new soundtrack for the film City of Ships (1938)

To use film archives to connect history with innovation

To curate a film screening programme and interactive Q&A

To offer a dynamic learning environment and opportunity to collect personal memories

Summary of activity:

Bonding experience by starting to connect participants during a mini-tour of the river, followed by participatory and creative workshops (writing, audio editing) at the museum of London Docklands. We work with the organisation of the festival and other partners as PLA, Museum of Docklands. Participants collaborated to chooses and overlay dialogues as the result of the audio interviews and replaced original soundtrack with a new one which was finally presented and screened at the cinema for further discussion with audiences. We also screened two films that were complementary to the topic of sound in film as well as the topic of legacy and reminiscence (Blue, Derek Jarman

Evaluation approach:

Forms and interviewing by the end of the project. We created a documentary to explain the project We continue to disseminate the learning as you can see from this presentation at Media and Learning conference in Brussels (2014)

What went well:

1. Genuine participation of both groups

2. Support from organisation all the way through

3. Access to resource material

4. Use of other films to engage participants about the importance of memory and legacy

5. Not enough funding to roll out and continue the project in schools and communities

What was learned:

1. The importance of planning in advance

2. More time to recruit and engage young people and communicate shared value

3. Things can be achieved in a short space of time

Top tips and advice for others

1. Deal with rights issues before choosing the right material

2. Find the right partners who understand your aims and goals

3. Be aspirational and realistic at the same time. Think outside the box

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