Media Fellowships

Project aims:

- provide opportunities to learn how the media operates

- improve communication skills, in particular writing skills

- increase confidence and willingness to engage with the media

- encourage participation in wider public debate on issues involving science

- disseminate learning from the Fellowship with colleagues and within the wider research community

Summary of activity:

10 fellows were selected and placed with a media host for 3-6 weeks to learn the ropes of how the media works. They write news articles, do radio interviews with scientists, and then work in the press centre for a week during our Science Festival, reporting on the science stories.

Took place at media locations in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Dublin as well as festival of science in Liverpool.

Evaluation approach:

Face to face feedback from fellows regarding the briefing workshop, their placement with their media host. This was collected during a full day workshop.

What went well:

1: Fellows rated their personal growth and productivity as either very high or high.

2: All the Fellows said that their confidence in communicating with, and through, the media had greatly increased.

3: The Briefing Day was very enjoyable and gave an excellent introduction to the scheme.

What was learned:

1: Start application process as early as possible in January as then peole have longer time to apply and sort out dates.

2: Think about ways to make the scheme more attractive to senior academics and those with dependents, as they are less likely to leave science than PhD students.

3: Develop case studies of what former Media Fellows have done since their Fellowship for our website as this will help set expectations for future applicants.

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Started (approximately):

January 2008

Ended: (approximately)

November 2008

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