Oxfordshire Wildlife Exposed


Project aims:

A local wildlife photography competition

Summary of activity:

We launched a wildlife photography competition in August 2008, which closed at end September 2008. People could submit up to 3 photos of wildlife taken in Oxfordshire. The photos were judged in October. Shortlisted and winning entries were displayed at Science Oxford from November to January alongside the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. Three winners were announced at our exhibition launch event, and were issued with cash prizes (£150 for the winner, and two £75 2nd prizes).

Evaluation approach:

Number of people who submitted photos; Exhibition evaluation forms

What went well:

1: Higher number of people submitted photos than we initially expected
2: Media interest – included a radio interview, feature on local news, shortlisted photos displayed on BBC Oxford website
3: Extended our regular audience and awareness of SO

What was learned:

1: Open competition during school term time to encourage more under 16 entries

About this project


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Project type:


Started (approximately):

August 2008

Ended: (approximately)

January 2009

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