Science ABC evening classes

Project aims:

To run 5 science based evening classes for local people with little or no formal science training.


To get 10 people to sign up for the series at £50 each.

To generate matched funding from Oxfordshire Adult Learning.

To get participants to improve their confidence in science.

Summary of activity:

We worked with OAL to publicise the series, which we had developed out of the Science ABC sessions that had been piloted before (see other entry). We relied on their publicity to generate an audience, but in the end we only had 3 people sign up, whereas we needed 10 to make the sessions viable.

Evaluation approach:

Number of bookings (we had lots of exciting ways of evaluating the events if they had run, but we never got that far)

What went well:

1. Developing the sessions

2. Developing a collaboration with OAL

3. Thinking about ways of generating audiences in other ways.

What was learned:

1. OAL are not able to generate an audience for these sorts of sessions for us.

2. Going to specific groups (such as the local WI network) may be a more productive route.

3. This may be one of those things that looks like a good idea, but isn't really.

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Started (approximately):

Feb 2012

Ended: (approximately)

Feb 2012

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