Science and the community

Project aims:

To engage with an older population and to provide insights and activities that they may wish to share with their children or grandchildren.


I was invited by a local Rotary club to give the presentation and I have an interest in working with older people.

Summary of activity:

A lecture and hands-on materials exploring human visual processing.

Evaluation approach:

Feedback was provided and a representative from the organisation wrote up a piece for the local newspaper

What went well:

1. Lecture

2. Question and answer section

3. Opportunities for hands-on experience

What was learned:

1. Many highly qualified people were present and they are highly organised group which will lead to further activities and dialogue



Top tips and advice for others

1. They are a good group to test out a new or old activity.



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Paul Gardner
School of Psychology, University of St Andrews

National Science and Engineering Week Open days and Fife Science Festival. Mainly activities relating to psychology for all ages…

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