Science of Robotics: Mission to Mars

Project aims:

Introduce families to the physics and science of robotics in a space context. Using small planetary rovers, a mobile trailer which folded out into a model of the Martian surface and other equipment to demonstrate the various aspects of the physical sciences used in the science of robotics.

Summary of activity:

The project introduced the physical principles behind the science of robotics and its usefulness in space exploration. The various sessions during the event were set in a space context such as the Mars pathfinder and Mars exploration missions.

Evaluation approach:

Feedback forms produced the the Institute of Physics were issued and collected, and the data analysed. A large number of participants expressed a further interest in the physical sciences and robotics.

What went well:

1: The project provided the stimulus to undertake and develop resources both tangible and intangible nature to aid in the delivery of various aspects of physics and space science under the field of robotics.

2: The development of resources enabled them to be used in a whole host of different events ranging from astronomical interest days to an event held at the Farnbourgh Air Show.

3: The level of interest generated by the participants (adults and children) in the application of physics to the science of robotics and space exploration.

What was learned:

1: Development of a easier planetary rover model to construct in the given time available. Which is used in the demonstration of various physical principles and in turn the participants could keep after the event.

2: Setting up or develop the event as robotic science road show, taking it on tour and for it to be able to take part in various events across the country, reaching a much large audience.

3: It has been deemed interesting to produce an education learning / teaching package of a professional quality, incorporating missions showing how physics is applied to robotic science, serving as an aid to the delivery of aspects of the physics curriculum at certain levels.

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Started (approximately):

September 2010

Ended: (approximately)

September 2010

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