STEM Clubs

Project aims:

To provide STEM Club members a fun and inspiring way to engage with Sceince, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through engaging with industry professionals and acedemic experts in hands-on shows, workshops and activities.

Summary of activity:

Each STEM Club is organised in blocks of 6 weeks, running on either a Sunday morning or Wednesday after school.
There is a changing 6 week programme, with families invitied to attend the last session for a family challenge which has consisted of either a science quiz, stop motion animation, and a mathematics challenge.
Topics for the club this year have included Vattenfall’s Wind Energy Workshop, Sound Off workshop with the soundfestival, Feathered Friends with the RSPB, and Bloodhound Challenge cars.

Evaluation approach:

What went well:

1. Engagement with Industry Experts through the STEM Ambassador programme

2. Engaging young people in topics they were disinterested in

3. Family challenge weeks, with the groups working together, bonding and improving their team work skills

What was learned:

1. Keeping the group smaller benefits the children

2. Children are more engaged when there are STEM Ambassadors, volunteers or S6 pupil assisting at the club as they bring along fresh ideas, and specialised activities

3. There is a demand for more clubs like these including coding and engineering clubs within ASC. An Engineering Club started April 2017 and research into a coding club will happen summer 2017

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April 2016

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