The Cutting Edge

Project aims:

To display a selection of 2008 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibits

Summary of activity:

We displayed 5 of the exhibits from the RS Summer Exhibition, and ran a series of events based on cutting-edge science.

Evaluation approach:

Numbers on the door; Post event evaluation

What went well:

1: Exhibits were free of charge and required little set-up/installation time
2: Using the RS exhibits as leverage for inviting Fellows of the RS to hold events as part of the series
3: The opportunity to display and promote different areas of current science

What was learned:

1: Although most of the displays had interactive elements, they were a bit too technical for a summer holiday exhibition, when we get more children and family groups through the exhibition space.
2: The exhibits had been designed with the RS setting in mind, where people were with the exhibits the whole time to explain how things work and answer questions – we therefore had to produce further explanations to display with the exhibits to try and make up for this.
3: Several of the exhibits were not robust enough to withstand two months of usage, and there were technical and security issues with AV exhibits.

About this project


Project type:

Started (approximately):

July 2008

Ended: (approximately)

August 2008

Tags for this project:

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