Unlocking the Universe

Project aims:

To inform members of the public about some of the basic principles of Physics in an astronomical context


To deliver 5 talks on a range of subjects.

Summary of activity:

Prepared and delivered 5 talks, given by members of the society.

Evaluation approach:


What went well:

1. The talks were well prepared and presented.

2. The level of audience participation was excellent

3. Letchworth Heritage Foundation have reported the activity in their local publication - publishing pending

What was learned:

1. You can't please everyone but 80-90% of the feedback was excellent, suggesting we got the level right.

2. Demonstrations need careful planning and rehearsing beforehand.

3. We needed a PA system when we had tro move to a bigger hall for the last 2 talks.

Top tips and advice for others

1. Plan carefully the logistics of giving the talks.

2. Really think about how to capture your intended audience ie what type of advertising will work?

3. MAke sure you engage with the audience, not just talk at them.

About this project


Project type:

Started (approximately):

15 May, 2013

Ended: (approximately)

13 November 2013

Tags for this project:

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