Upstream Public Engagement at the Zoo

Project aims:

This report describes key findings from a series of concurrent focus groups comprising the Durrell Wildlife Park - Public Participation Meeting (PPM). This PPM is part of the larger European Commission-funded project EU-Zoos-XXI, which will see other PPMs taking place at zoos across Europe in Portugal, Sweden and Rome. The aim of these PPMs is to engage with members of the zoo visiting public and understand the kinds of educational and engagement needs they would like to see addressed by zoos. This unique approach involves engaging publics upstream in the decision-making process, and empowering them to guide the development of the zoo’s educational provision.

Summary of activity:

Conducted a set of concurrent focus groups involving publics upstream in deciding public engagement priorities, content and methods for Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey

Evaluation approach:

Focus groups

What went well:

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What was learned:

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Dr Eric Jensen is Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick. He is a leading expert in impact analysis and evaluation, with numerous peer-reviewed publications on public engagement publi…

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