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I'm a Biomedical Engineer

We ran 8 zones, distributed across four events, including five engineers and an average of 391 students in each. • 2 zones in I’m an Engineer June 2014: Food Zone, and Health Zone • 2 zones in I’m an Engineer … Continue reading

I'm an Engineer, Get me out of here – Ingenious Grant

This Ingenious Grant allowed us to exceed many of our objectives and connect 2,047 students from 55 schools with 25 engineers. 89% of the students who logged in actively engaged with the site. There were 1,262 questions and over 47 … Continue reading

Nappy Science Gang

Nappy Science Gang is a user-led citizen science project for parents who use reusable (cloth) nappies, funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society for Chemistry. The project ran from March 2015 to Feb 2016, mainly consisting of a … Continue reading

The Powerof Light

We took a 3x6m gazebo into the central courtyard of the Southgate shopping centre in Bath for Saturday 26th September 9am-7pm. The main focus was an activity building a hand-held spectroscope using a specially made box and a piece of … Continue reading

Exploring the Universe in Virtual Reality

We create two mobile phone apps which work with the Google Cardboard headset. Google Cardboard is a cheap device that allows you to convert your mobile phone in to a virtual reality headset. We published the two apps on to … Continue reading

CowGirl Parlour

We created a sound and visual installation inside a redesigned vintage caravan which was accompanied by a live sung and spoken performance and a pop-up ice-cream parlour. The project was a pilot, and was open to the public for ten … Continue reading

Connecting with Gravity and Air

We provided hands-on activities for families attending the Rhyl Air Show such as making balloon rocket cars, hovercrafts, parachutes, K’Nex amusement park rides, cars and dragsters aimed at children, as well as alka-seltzer fizz rockets and air pressure tests aimed … Continue reading

A Dome Museum at Alston Observatory

The dome has been fully decorated to and cleaned to make it suitable for public access. Chalk boards, white boards, and cupboards, were removed from the walls to make room for exhibition boards. Five exhibition boards are planned covering Solar … Continue reading

Physics of Music

The project involved three hands-on workshops, delivered to a mixed audience. The first workshop covered the basics of sound, the second examined in more detail the differences between musical instruments, and the third examined the difference between “sound” and “music”, … Continue reading

Pioneers of British Railway

A daily ‘episode’ broadcast several times throughout the day looking at the pioneers of the British railway.

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