Memories contributed by Science Oxford

“Copenhagen” comes to Abingdon

Development I saw Copenhagen performed as a dramatic reading (i.e. the actors reading from their scripts on stage) at the ESOF conference in July 2012. It made me realise that by doing it in this way, the play was within … Continue reading


We put on a dramatic reading of the play at a local theatre. We got funding from the IoP (£1100), and the local District Council (£700). The school whose theatre we were using gave it to us for a peppercorn … Continue reading

Undercover Chemistry

To develop a trail of 8-12 shops, each with a Molymod molecule “hidden” inside it. Each molecule was tailor made for the shop, and had an A4 info sheet alongside it which said what the molecule was and why it … Continue reading

Science ABC evening classes

We worked with OAL to publicise the series, which we had developed out of the Science ABC sessions that had been piloted before (see other entry). We relied on their publicity to generate an audience, but in the end we … Continue reading

Science ABC

We developed 10 sessions looking at different topics. Each session ran at Science Oxford, and lasted about 90 minutes. Each session used a mix of styles – hands on, film, expert speakers, and “chalk and talk” The sessions were: Evolution … Continue reading

The Cutting Edge

We displayed 5 of the exhibits from the RS Summer Exhibition, and ran a series of events based on cutting-edge science.

Science Oxford Film Nights

We bought an umbrella film licence from MPLC (~£300p.a.), and used it to run a film night every month for a year. Each film was linked to our season theme, but the nature of the licence meant that we couldn’t … Continue reading

Oxfordshire Wildlife Exposed

We launched a wildlife photography competition in August 2008, which closed at end September 2008. People could submit up to 3 photos of wildlife taken in Oxfordshire. The photos were judged in October. Shortlisted and winning entries were displayed at … Continue reading

Nature & Nurture

We displayed the Inside DNA exhiblets and Choose Your Character exhibition


We acted as a gallery space for “Metron” a pair of local artists who had exhibited previously at Modern Art Oxford on the subject of measurement.

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