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Top Tips 5 – New environments

Part 5 of the Top Tips series looks at working in new environments. When working with new audiences, the environments that one works within may also be unfamiliar; our team of practitioners have these tips about working in a new … Continue reading

Top Tips 4 – Partnerships

Part 4 of the Top Tips series is about collaborating with other organisations on a project – this could range from a local community group to a nation-wide charity to a university department; anyone that helps you to devise, deliver … Continue reading

Top Tips 3 – Individuals with specific needs

The third in the Top Tips series is about working with individuals that may have additional special requirements that you will need to bear in mind whilst running a public engagement project. This could vary from working with young offenders … Continue reading

Top Tips 2 – Communities

The second installment in the Top Tips series is all about working with community groups. Working with community groups Community groups appreciate talking about something new, not commonplace topics such as crime or litter. Bringing big names into local communities … Continue reading

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