Memory listing

National Bioblitz

The project involved 37 key organisations who ran BioBlitz events in different locations across the UK. These organisations included natural history societies, environmental organisations, universities, museums, and charities. Each key organisation then worked with another 1-10+ other partners in order … Continue reading

Camp for Climate Action

The only way in which the Camp for Climate Action (CfCA) exists is through neighbourhood meetings, UK Gatherings and direct actions that result from these meetings. Geographically organised neighbourhood meetings draw in activists from a particular area and normally meet … Continue reading

Science activity visits in hospitals

W5’s education staff visit the RVHSC in periods when the hospital’s own education staff are unavailable (such as during the summer and Easter holidays). Unless fewer are specifically requested by the hospital [staff], 2 members of W5 staff attend the … Continue reading

National DNA Database on Trial

We ran a mock trial in Cardiff Crown Court, with young people aged 15 – 18 years taking roles as the prosecution, defence and the jury, with the charge: that the government would be guilty of causing an unreasonable threat … Continue reading

Dana Centre: Audience-led programme

The Science Museum’s Dana Centre set up a focus group of members from London’s African-Caribbean community. Initially the focus group was consulted to inform two events at the Dana Centre. The group were involved in selecting the specific topic-area, the … Continue reading

Science Museum – but no science?

Through a series of 5 day session with skilled facilitators the participants have been encouraged to do their own science – i.e. design their own experiments, conduct the research and find out new things. This is all done in a … Continue reading

Dark Sky Scotland

The programme has involved a vast array of events and activities in different types of venues, following different formats, tailored for different types of participants: • We have run weekend events in some of the most remote communities in Scotland … Continue reading

Healing in the fields and forests

Workshops were held in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, and focussed on the major medicinal and cosmetic plants used at these times. Each day started with an orientation session followed by a guided walk in nearby woodlands highlighting British native … Continue reading

Community Open Weekends, Thinktank

Building on the community engagement strategy, we work with schools, community groups and community leaders within targeted wards to raise awareness of the Open Weekends. Approx. 30K vouchers (valid for the Open Weekend only) are distributed via these networks to … Continue reading

Guerrilla Science

We created a programme of events inspired by science along three festival oriented themes: music, the mind, and escape. These were integrated into a wider festival or arts and cultural context. Most of our activities involved fitting into a pre-existing … Continue reading

Apprenticeships at Thinktank

First we created a job role that would fit the needs of the business and also fit within the apprenticeship framework. We decided to offer a dual role which was spread between 2 different teams – the first one more … Continue reading

Great day out

Great Day Out provides facilitated visits to Eden for socially excluded people. Great Days Out start with a journey – a personalised tour that encourages groups to tell their own stories and share thoughts and ideas, as well as look … Continue reading

Science Shop Wales

Science Shops Wales carried out demand-driven research with and on behalf of Welsh civil society organisations, using staff, contract and student researchers. The research projects were predominantly inter- and multi-disciplinary and covered a wide variety of scientific (natural and life … Continue reading

Govan Science Shuffle

Worked with a community activist project called the Common Good Awareness project, to take part in an annual gathering, the Govan Reshuffle at the Pearce Institute, and added a second annual event, the Govan Science Shuffle in 2009. The … Continue reading

Ruthin: Market town of the future

This proposal involves the inhabitants of a typical market town in evaluation and then proposal for future scenarios for the town through the use of design workshops, design charettes, exhibition and public consultation. In this study different methods of engagement … Continue reading

Climate change testimonies from refugees

Virtual Migrants in partnership with the Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures and Manchester Refugee Support Network trained 15 members from different refugee communities in video camera interviewing and documenting techniques, including uses and methods of editing, internet uploading and blogging. These … Continue reading

Community x-change

We ran a series of deliberative workshops in East Anglia and Liverpool. In each region, the citizens met for four full days spread over 3 weekends within a period of around 6 weeks. The workshops were all held in community … Continue reading

The S Factor

The project ran a variety of lively and enjoyable science events for the public: radio phone-ins, public debates with high-profile figures, interactive science workshops on topical issues, a comedy show and science Q and A sessions in café settings. At … Continue reading

Spooky Science

Spooky Science is a science show that combines physics and entertainment to produce a science show that appeals to a family audience on holiday. The show was developed by members of the Physics in Society team at the Institute of … Continue reading

Science Museum Outreach – Inmates of the Holloway and Pentonville Prisons

Holloway Prison: The Program was a trial made up of a 3-tiered program. First, we hosted a day at the science museum for families with relatives serving a prison sentence at Holloway. After a meet and greet the families watched … Continue reading

Chemistry Show in British Sign Language

2008: We put on a Chemistry show delivered in BSL and translated into English orally and by an electronic note taker. It formed a part of the Manchester Science Festival and was aimed at improving accessibility to a hard to … Continue reading

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