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Community Engagement at Dundee Science Festival

Through a series of events during Dundee Science Festival we celebrated science with hard to reach audiences in deprived areas of Dundee. The events were designed to bring new topics to those that may not have a previous connection with … Continue reading

an outdoor video mapping project of the launch of a space rocket and its journey through space

With Space Station Grantham we will offer a visual and sound event which imaginatively brings to life by means of a space rocket projection onto the church tower and accompanying activities. The audience for Space Station Grantham over 2 evenings … Continue reading

Hormone Harmony (Funded by the Physiological Society)

Hormone Harmony was delivered by three performers playing ‘Greek hero’, characters who were striving for perfect physiological balance, or homeostasis. The heroes were accompanied by their ‘oracles’ (the two scientists). Multiple performances, activities and engagements were performed whilst roaming, or … Continue reading

The Galaxy Garden “Watch this Space” at RHS Tatton Show

Sponsoring a themed “Galaxy Garden” at the RHS Tatton Show, gave us the ideal opportunity to bring the excitement of astronomical research to a new audience. This grant allowed us to bring together astronomers and horticulturalists to guide visitors around … Continue reading

Astronomy Parade @ the Small World Festival

We explored the scale and majesty of the universe by modelling the movement of the sun, earth & moon, and used what we could see through telescopes to create ‘realistic’ costumes for an astronomy themed Kids Parade at the Small … Continue reading

Dundee Science Festival 2010

Dundee Science Centre led the creation of the festival – as part of our mission to make science part of culture. We invited senior representatives of a range of partners (universities, college, education etc) to a discussion session, to gain … Continue reading

Pedal Power Physics (Funded by the Institute of Physics)

This project engaged audiences in Einstein’s Garden at the Green Man Festival with the physics of pedal power, sparking people’s curiosity about this fun, interactive and social source of renewable energy. The Green Man Festival took place on 20th-22nd August … Continue reading

Fuel Cell Power (funded by the Institute of Physics)

We created a fun and quirky short film showing how hydrogen and oxygen are combined in a fuel cell to produce electricity. This film was screened in the Omni-Tent (one of the main venues in Einstein’s Garden which is powered … Continue reading

Guerrilla Science

We created a programme of events inspired by science along three festival oriented themes: music, the mind, and escape. These were integrated into a wider festival or arts and cultural context. Most of our activities involved fitting into a pre-existing … Continue reading

The x-change 2010

A team of 5 volunteers and a journalist mentor/presenter created and marketed the show at the British Science Festival at Aston University by attending a wide range of Festival talks and recruiting speakers to appear at the evening session in … Continue reading

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