Top Tips 4 – Partnerships

Part 4 of the Top Tips series is about collaborating with other organisations on a project – this could range from a local community group to a nation-wide charity to a university department; anyone that helps you to devise, deliver or evaluate your project.

Creating and maintaining effective partnerships

Don’t be afraid to approach an organisation you’d like to work with.  The press office is often a good place to start if you don’t know who to talk to.

Have a clear idea of what you can offer and what you want to achieve, but be prepared to be flexible to accommodate the other partner’s agenda. Know where you are happy to compromise and what is sacrosanct.

Commercial organisations can be very last minute and expect things to be done NOW.  If you don’t/can’t work like that, be clear about your deadlines and what you need when. Chase for information/replies to emails etc and don’t be afraid to say no.

Partners can provide new audiences and new contacts (including speakers). Be aware of what you want out of doing particular events or collaborating with particular partners. This will help assess the value of whether something is worth doing in terms of time / money.

Clarify the requirements expected from each of the partners from the outset. The project must bring mutual benefits for all the partners involved in the project.

Develop strong and honest relationships with partners, these are crucial to success and good communication is key.

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