Top Tips 5 – New environments

Part 5 of the Top Tips series looks at working in new environments. When working with new audiences, the environments that one works within may also be unfamiliar; our team of practitioners have these tips about working in a new location with a special focus on working in prisons.

Working in ‘new locations’

Go in with an open mind.

Pre-visit the venue to check it is flexible enough for your event and spend time at the venue, watching what the audience react well to and finding out what they expect.

Get to know venue staff – catering, reception, porters, security – their help will be invaluable. Make sure you have mobile numbers in case of unexpected incidents!

Working in a prison environment

Allow a lot of time to sort out the regulation and restrictions that will be imposed upon you by the prison.

Do as the prison stuff instruct, they are the experts and will be of great help in making the day run smoothly

Ensure all staff visiting the prison have a valid passport and leave your camera, ipod, USB sticks etc at home

Always arrive at least 2 hours before you are due to start, this will ensure that you have plenty of time to get through security

Know your contact person in the prison, ensure they know who is coming with you, what you will be bring (everything even down to the pen) and what time you will be there.

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