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STEM Clubs

Each STEM Club is organised in blocks of 6 weeks, running on either a Sunday morning or Wednesday after school. There is a changing 6 week programme, with families invitied to attend the last session for a family challenge which … Continue reading

The Powerof Light

We took a 3x6m gazebo into the central courtyard of the Southgate shopping centre in Bath for Saturday 26th September 9am-7pm. The main focus was an activity building a hand-held spectroscope using a specially made box and a piece of … Continue reading

Exploring the Universe in Virtual Reality

We create two mobile phone apps which work with the Google Cardboard headset. Google Cardboard is a cheap device that allows you to convert your mobile phone in to a virtual reality headset. We published the two apps on to … Continue reading

Community Engagement at Dundee Science Festival

Through a series of events during Dundee Science Festival we celebrated science with hard to reach audiences in deprived areas of Dundee. The events were designed to bring new topics to those that may not have a previous connection with … Continue reading


We engaged 200 adults in our CSI CSWhy CSHow course. The adults took part in a 6-week learning programme where they had to solve a murder. They were introduced to crime scene investigation in week 1 and had the chance … Continue reading

Social Steam Engine Science and Wellbeing Workshops

Initially using art and craft materials we conducted workshops and around colour gravity astronomy and motion. These later progressed into rebuilding a broken nitro car and learning how it worked. Towards the end of the programme we were looking at … Continue reading

Connecting with Gravity and Air

We provided hands-on activities for families attending the Rhyl Air Show such as making balloon rocket cars, hovercrafts, parachutes, K’Nex amusement park rides, cars and dragsters aimed at children, as well as alka-seltzer fizz rockets and air pressure tests aimed … Continue reading

Pulleys & Whatnot!

Simple science experiments were demonstrated via a 2 hour workshop at Greenmeadow Community Farm on 18th September 2014 to 20 playworkers aged 18-65 years. The playworkers participated in the experiments based around gravity, centripetal force, velocity, lift, friction and weight … Continue reading

Domestic Science

Three broad areas were explored: Washing – washing machine and detergents Cooking – ovens, including microwave ovens and refrigeration Entertainment – record players and sound At each area visitors were able to read a selection of stories from the archive … Continue reading

Stories, singing and science event series in Carnforth Library, July-August 2014

Each week was themed, in order “Colour”, “Space”, “Seasons”, “The Beach” and “Weather”. In each session storytelling and singing was alternated with science-based play activities, accompanied by background information. Each event included at least one activity that was suitable for, … Continue reading

Science from the Start event series in Carnforth Library, July-August 2014

Each week was themed, in order “Colour”, “Space”, “Seasons”, “The Beach” and “Weather”. In each session storytelling and singing was alternated with science-based play activities, accompanied by background information. Each event included at least one activity that was suitable for, … Continue reading

Science from the Start event in Lancashire libraries, July 2014

Events provided hands-on activities for adults and children to carry out together, and items to take away to use at home. Instructions, accessible scientific background and concepts to consider to further and enhance science-based learning through exploring and understanding the … Continue reading

Science from the Start event at Lancaster library

Activities were laid out on tables in the children’s area of Lancaster library. Activity sheets were provided for each one with instructions, scientific background and concepts to explore. Children participated in activities, with the help and supervision of adults.

Altered Perceptions

We worked with researchers and clinicians to develop a set of hands on activities and resources that 1. explain how our brains and our senses work together to make sense of the world, 2. convey what it would be like … Continue reading

Making It Clear

The experience consisted of a science show (Water, Water Everywhere) held in GSC’s science theatre or a workshop (Water Works) along with diverse Meet the Expert activity supported by Scottish Water employees. Examples of Meet the Expert drop-in sessions included: … Continue reading


The exhibition is a dynamic installation that flows organically throughout the whole of the 750m2 third floor of Glasgow Science Centre (GSC), taking full advantage of the bright, open, riverside aspect to create an immediate impressive factor. In this impressive … Continue reading

Hormone Harmony (Funded by the Physiological Society)

Hormone Harmony was delivered by three performers playing ‘Greek hero’, characters who were striving for perfect physiological balance, or homeostasis. The heroes were accompanied by their ‘oracles’ (the two scientists). Multiple performances, activities and engagements were performed whilst roaming, or … Continue reading

Homeland Argyll & Bute

We provided training courses and workshops for local people on how to record and interpret what they found. Training was provided on photogrammetry, surveying and recording for adults and the use of digital photography and film for children and young … Continue reading

Community Physics Dundee

Each session at the Boy’s Brigade consisted of travel to and from the hall by bus from the city centre. 4 society members were involved in leading a session, with the leaders working in pairs to walk the groups of … Continue reading

Science on Your Doorstep

The support varied from background brain storming sessions, development of concepts, training of volunteers, sourcing of material to actual physical assistance with events.

Discovering Science Club

-Operating on a Saturday afternoon, scheduled bi-weekly onsite science activities based largely on British Science Association CREST materials as well as content led by science professionals or enthusiastic parents. -Organised offsite attendance at science institutions and events such as Big … Continue reading

Physics In The Castle

We held three events across Wrexham and Denbighshire during the 2013 school Summer holidays; at Rhuddlan Castle, Denbigh Castle and Chirk Castle. Both Rhuddlan and Denbigh are owned by Cadw, while Chirk is run by the National Trust. For the … Continue reading

Step into the light fantastic!

- developed with volunteers, a new hands on space exploring light and optics. Areas include Refrection and Refraction, Interference, polarisation, diffraction and colours. All based in a series of stations to encourage participation and brought to life by volunteers

Sidmouth Science Festival 2013

The festival included talks by internationally recognised scientists, hands-on activities from universities, colleges and schools, discussions (café scientifique), science trails, science demonstrations at local schools and the Norman Lockyer Observatory. Every primary school pupil in the Sidmouth area produced a … Continue reading

Magnetism: The Attraction is Clear

I set up a display with a variety of interactive demonstrations. 1. I began with a magnetic fishing task where all of the items were metallic but only some were magnetic and invited people to fish things out. 2. I … Continue reading

'Beatrice Works' Education Programme

We created an ambitious programme of events – A mix of science and art school workshops, site visits, public open day, adult talks, children’s related art exhibition – to complement this Summer’s major exhibition in our Gallery. During May and … Continue reading

'Beatrice Works' Education Programme

We created an ambitious programme of events – A mix of science and art school workshops, site visits, public open day, adult talks, children’s related art exhibition – to complement this Summer’s major exhibition in our Gallery. During May and … Continue reading

Institute of Food Research stand on Network Science at Big Bang Fair 2013

Collaborated with MEandER Travelling Arts Emporium to develop a highly interactive and visually different stand for the Big Bang Fair 2013, accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Macroeconomics–How our social system works

I worked out the theory and used it to construct the model. The model may be expressed in a number of ways, two are shown in the associated paper, a diagram and a mechanical interpretation. Associated but not shown are … Continue reading

Hands-on DNA: Exploring Evolution

Over the 14 months of the main project the team selected, trained, equipped and supported 15 geographically spread UK centres to deliver excellent molecular biology workshops. The project also provided the necessary resources and project structure to assist centres to … Continue reading

Energise! at the Glasgow Science Centre

The core programme included an exhibition (11 exhibits where visitors could test their speed, accuracy, strength, endurance – examples include ‘Aim’ visitors aimed balls into various buckets; Hang time – how long can you hang?; a climbing frame); a science … Continue reading

Postcards from our Planet

Over the past year Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh has successfully delivered the Postcards from our Planet project which has inspired a wide range of people to engage in Earth and environmental sciences and photography and use this experience as a … Continue reading

Family Fun Days with Family Learning and Satrosphere Science Centre

Family Learning Aberdeen run a series of educational events for parents and children throughout the year. We partnered with Family Learning for a series of Family Fun Days which are advertised for Primary 1 pupils from certain city schools and … Continue reading

Forensics special event weekend at Satrosphere

We collaborated with SPSA to produce an interactive workshop to solve a fake crime at Satrosphere. Volunteers were dressed in full crime scene garb and sent into the fake crime scene to collect evidence for later analysis. There were 4 … Continue reading

Astronomy Parade @ the Small World Festival

We explored the scale and majesty of the universe by modelling the movement of the sun, earth & moon, and used what we could see through telescopes to create ‘realistic’ costumes for an astronomy themed Kids Parade at the Small … Continue reading

Particle Physics for Fife, Kinross and Dundee: The LHC and the Higgs boson

Participants attended a 45-minute talk, then spent around an hour in a hands-on exhibition, being guided round by PhD students and lecturers from the summer school. The hands-on displays were from the Particle Physics for Scottish Schools project (University of … Continue reading

Putting Communities First with Astronomy

Two stargazing events were provided within the Communities First areas of Caia Park and Plas Madoc, as well as engaging with families from other surrounding Communities First areas. Each evening consisted of live interactive planetarium shows which gave the audience … Continue reading

South Wales Physics Road Shows

Techniquest visited three shopping centres in South Wales located in socially and economically deprived areas. By presenting physics in a public venue, Techniquest allowed people the flexibility to participate on their own terms. Visitors were able to experiment with mini-exhibits … Continue reading

CREST Star Investigators external evaluation 2008

Schools can purchase packs of CREST Star Investigators activities for use in their school. Separate packs are available for each of the levels: Star, SuperStar & MegaStar. Teachers (and parents, home educators & community leaders) can purchase packs from their … Continue reading


In order to pull in as many families as possible who might not normally attend an event presented purely as a science fair, this event was combined with an arena showcasing children involved in basketball, gymnastics, table tennis and karate … Continue reading

Physics on the Foreshore

We trained 10 volunteers new to physics busking on 6th August and recruited 3 experienced buskers. There were 5 buskers per day from 7th – 10th August, busking in a marquee or on the beach (depending on the weather). An … Continue reading

Dr. Ecostein's Monster

We came up with the idea of an monster that eats sustainable energy – we created Dr. Ecostein’s Monster – a life size Frankenstein style animatronic monster in a crate that the class work to bring to life by generating … Continue reading

Pedal Power Physics (Funded by the Institute of Physics)

This project engaged audiences in Einstein’s Garden at the Green Man Festival with the physics of pedal power, sparking people’s curiosity about this fun, interactive and social source of renewable energy. The Green Man Festival took place on 20th-22nd August … Continue reading

CREST Award Scheme Expansion Programme in England

• Support the CREST Coordinator network in England to meet the project objectives at a local level • Target 250+ schools in disadvantaged areas in England • Produce resources aimed at teachers – 7 school-based case studies, teachers booklet, STEM … Continue reading

Science ABC evening classes

We worked with OAL to publicise the series, which we had developed out of the Science ABC sessions that had been piloted before (see other entry). We relied on their publicity to generate an audience, but in the end we … Continue reading

Messy Science

Messy Science was a hands-on activity run as one of a series of events by the University of Bolton which formed part of Manchester Science Festival 2011. It took place over two sessions: in the morning, activities were geared to … Continue reading

The science of the perfect baked potato (Spud Physics)

Participants baked different varieties of potato using a microwave oven and a conventional oven. At intervals during baking they measured: temperature of the potato core and surface using a thermometer, water loss by weighing, and texture. Cooked potato flavour was … Continue reading

Brunel Community Research Fair

People were also invited to give their opinions and feedback to several groups of researchers. The event was held at the local Mall Pavilions shopping centre in Uxbridge. The shopping centre erected the stalls for the market a day early … Continue reading

One man and his bot

During the course of this project ‘One Man and his Bot’ was delivered at three separate locations: the Imagineering Fairs at the Bath & West Show and the Royal International Air Tattoo, as well as the Discover Zone at Cheltenham … Continue reading

Mosaic Magic

1.Preparation Stage The researchers participated in a public engagement training and discussion session provided by the Science Communication Unit. Specific ideas relating to the activities each researcher might offer were discussed amongst the group, with the aim of enabling all … Continue reading

Hands on Science

Students were divided (according to schools) into three separate groups. Each group visited a different activity within the Faculty, rotating after approximately 1 hour. A lunch break was included between sessions 2 and 3. Student ambassadors were recruited to direct … Continue reading

Physics Fun! (Family Science Days)

We held 6 afternoons of Physics Fun! activities during the summer holiday period. The activities were based in various buildings around the museum site and were influenced by either the buildings, the collections or other summer events. The sessions were … Continue reading

National Bioblitz

The project involved 37 key organisations who ran BioBlitz events in different locations across the UK. These organisations included natural history societies, environmental organisations, universities, museums, and charities. Each key organisation then worked with another 1-10+ other partners in order … Continue reading

Science activity visits in hospitals

W5’s education staff visit the RVHSC in periods when the hospital’s own education staff are unavailable (such as during the summer and Easter holidays). Unless fewer are specifically requested by the hospital [staff], 2 members of W5 staff attend the … Continue reading

Science Museum – but no science?

Through a series of 5 day session with skilled facilitators the participants have been encouraged to do their own science – i.e. design their own experiments, conduct the research and find out new things. This is all done in a … Continue reading

Dark Sky Scotland

The programme has involved a vast array of events and activities in different types of venues, following different formats, tailored for different types of participants: • We have run weekend events in some of the most remote communities in Scotland … Continue reading

Healing in the fields and forests

Workshops were held in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, and focussed on the major medicinal and cosmetic plants used at these times. Each day started with an orientation session followed by a guided walk in nearby woodlands highlighting British native … Continue reading

Guerrilla Science

We created a programme of events inspired by science along three festival oriented themes: music, the mind, and escape. These were integrated into a wider festival or arts and cultural context. Most of our activities involved fitting into a pre-existing … Continue reading

Great day out

Great Day Out provides facilitated visits to Eden for socially excluded people. Great Days Out start with a journey – a personalised tour that encourages groups to tell their own stories and share thoughts and ideas, as well as look … Continue reading

Science Shop Wales

Science Shops Wales carried out demand-driven research with and on behalf of Welsh civil society organisations, using staff, contract and student researchers. The research projects were predominantly inter- and multi-disciplinary and covered a wide variety of scientific (natural and life … Continue reading

Govan Science Shuffle

Worked with a community activist project called the Common Good Awareness project, to take part in an annual gathering, the Govan Reshuffle at the Pearce Institute, and added a second annual event, the Govan Science Shuffle in 2009. The … Continue reading

Climate change testimonies from refugees

Virtual Migrants in partnership with the Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures and Manchester Refugee Support Network trained 15 members from different refugee communities in video camera interviewing and documenting techniques, including uses and methods of editing, internet uploading and blogging. These … Continue reading

The S Factor

The project ran a variety of lively and enjoyable science events for the public: radio phone-ins, public debates with high-profile figures, interactive science workshops on topical issues, a comedy show and science Q and A sessions in café settings. At … Continue reading

Science Museum Outreach – Inmates of the Holloway and Pentonville Prisons

Holloway Prison: The Program was a trial made up of a 3-tiered program. First, we hosted a day at the science museum for families with relatives serving a prison sentence at Holloway. After a meet and greet the families watched … Continue reading

Digital Discovery

We worked with local film and radio professionals to run workshops introducing the kids to stop-motion animation or audio broadcast. They worked in small groups for 15-20 hours to produce their finished pieces. As part of this they interviewed practising … Continue reading

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