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Listen, a soundtrack of shared memories

Bonding experience by starting to connect participants during a mini-tour of the river, followed by participatory and creative workshops (writing, audio editing) at the museum of London Docklands. We work with the organisation of the festival and other partners as … Continue reading

Community Engagement at Dundee Science Festival

Through a series of events during Dundee Science Festival we celebrated science with hard to reach audiences in deprived areas of Dundee. The events were designed to bring new topics to those that may not have a previous connection with … Continue reading

an outdoor video mapping project of the launch of a space rocket and its journey through space

With Space Station Grantham we will offer a visual and sound event which imaginatively brings to life by means of a space rocket projection onto the church tower and accompanying activities. The audience for Space Station Grantham over 2 evenings … Continue reading

Shining light on the environment – STFC Science outreach fellowship

Pretty much all the things listed in my objectives. There was less work with the media than I hoped and in the end it didn’t prove practical to do lots of tours of Diamond other than pre-existing ones, but that … Continue reading

Making It Clear

The experience consisted of a science show (Water, Water Everywhere) held in GSC’s science theatre or a workshop (Water Works) along with diverse Meet the Expert activity supported by Scottish Water employees. Examples of Meet the Expert drop-in sessions included: … Continue reading

Hormone Harmony (Funded by the Physiological Society)

Hormone Harmony was delivered by three performers playing ‘Greek hero’, characters who were striving for perfect physiological balance, or homeostasis. The heroes were accompanied by their ‘oracles’ (the two scientists). Multiple performances, activities and engagements were performed whilst roaming, or … Continue reading

Homeland Argyll & Bute

We provided training courses and workshops for local people on how to record and interpret what they found. Training was provided on photogrammetry, surveying and recording for adults and the use of digital photography and film for children and young … Continue reading

The Galaxy Garden “Watch this Space” at RHS Tatton Show

Sponsoring a themed “Galaxy Garden” at the RHS Tatton Show, gave us the ideal opportunity to bring the excitement of astronomical research to a new audience. This grant allowed us to bring together astronomers and horticulturalists to guide visitors around … Continue reading

Sidmouth Science Festival 2013

The festival included talks by internationally recognised scientists, hands-on activities from universities, colleges and schools, discussions (café scientifique), science trails, science demonstrations at local schools and the Norman Lockyer Observatory. Every primary school pupil in the Sidmouth area produced a … Continue reading

“Jugular: Joining The Head and the Heart”

The Gung Ho Down presented « Jugular :Joining The Head and The Heart », a whistle-stop tour of giant ideas through a cabaret of stories, songs, playlets, games & live lectures to offer a multi-faceted journey of the human experience. … Continue reading

Astronomy Parade @ the Small World Festival

We explored the scale and majesty of the universe by modelling the movement of the sun, earth & moon, and used what we could see through telescopes to create ‘realistic’ costumes for an astronomy themed Kids Parade at the Small … Continue reading

Physics on the Foreshore

We trained 10 volunteers new to physics busking on 6th August and recruited 3 experienced buskers. There were 5 buskers per day from 7th – 10th August, busking in a marquee or on the beach (depending on the weather). An … Continue reading

The x-change at the British Science Festival 2012

I managed and produced the project. Inthe months leading up the Festival I pre-booked speakers for both the live show and the supplementary x-tra’s. during the Festival I managed four volunteers as they helped produce the live shows. I also … Continue reading

Dundee Science Festival 2010

Dundee Science Centre led the creation of the festival – as part of our mission to make science part of culture. We invited senior representatives of a range of partners (universities, college, education etc) to a discussion session, to gain … Continue reading

Science in Norwich Day

One day science festival with stands, demonstrations, science shows and talks and sciart actvities

Frontiers type interdisciplinary conference

I kept contacting people starting from Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, and Oxford down the list in order to get four exciting speakers in the interdisciplinary cross-roads: in the end I obtained speakers from NASA’s JPL, Oxford University and KAIST in South … Continue reading

Messy Science

Messy Science was a hands-on activity run as one of a series of events by the University of Bolton which formed part of Manchester Science Festival 2011. It took place over two sessions: in the morning, activities were geared to … Continue reading

Robotic Visions

Robotic Visions involved five separate ‘visions conferences’, held at various geographical locations throughout the UK in association with key robotics research laboratories and experienced host venues (science centres and universities). Places at the conferences were awarded by the local venues … Continue reading

National Bioblitz

The project involved 37 key organisations who ran BioBlitz events in different locations across the UK. These organisations included natural history societies, environmental organisations, universities, museums, and charities. Each key organisation then worked with another 1-10+ other partners in order … Continue reading

Guerrilla Science

We created a programme of events inspired by science along three festival oriented themes: music, the mind, and escape. These were integrated into a wider festival or arts and cultural context. Most of our activities involved fitting into a pre-existing … Continue reading

The S Factor

The project ran a variety of lively and enjoyable science events for the public: radio phone-ins, public debates with high-profile figures, interactive science workshops on topical issues, a comedy show and science Q and A sessions in café settings. At … Continue reading

Stars and Stories

Trained up 5 storytellers and attended the festival, owing to the terrible weather conditions our targets were not quite reached, but still engaged 308 festival goers with constellation star stories. This project was supported by an IOP public engagement grant

Perspectives 2003 – 2008

36 researchers are chosen annually and spend one day in London for a training workshop before preparing a poster on their work and exhibiting it at the British Science Festival. Here they use their poster as a means of engaging … Continue reading

National Science and Engineering Week 2009

Coordinate the programme of over 3,500 STEM events across the country.

Einstein at Glastonbury

Members of the Science Communication Unit at UWE took the 2005 Glastonbury Festival by storm with their innovative project Einstein at Glastonbury. The dynamic team of young science communicators delivered enthusiastic and oftentimes impromptu demonstrations, educating and entertaining the crowd … Continue reading

Cambridge Science Festival

Co-ordinate over 150 free public events each year during a fortnight each March. Deliver Schools Roadshow reaching around 50 schools, Schools Masterclasses for 500 GCSE state school pupils and other outreach programmes.

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