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I'm an Engineer, Get me out of here – Ingenious Grant

This Ingenious Grant allowed us to exceed many of our objectives and connect 2,047 students from 55 schools with 25 engineers. 89% of the students who logged in actively engaged with the site. There were 1,262 questions and over 47 … Continue reading

Electricity Distribution Debate Kit

We sent hard copies of the kit to 810 teachers who requested it and to 250 teachers who took part in I’m a Scientist in 2014. We distributed another 687 kits through STEM Contract Holders and in teacher conferences. The … Continue reading

Homeland Argyll & Bute

We provided training courses and workshops for local people on how to record and interpret what they found. Training was provided on photogrammetry, surveying and recording for adults and the use of digital photography and film for children and young … Continue reading

Smarter (pilot)

We developed the Smarter session format inspired by previous work we had been involved with including our “Meet the Gene Machine” project which used a similar approach, and Science Horizons. Sessions took the form of a short drama starring two … Continue reading

Macroeconomics–How our social system works

I worked out the theory and used it to construct the model. The model may be expressed in a number of ways, two are shown in the associated paper, a diagram and a mechanical interpretation. Associated but not shown are … Continue reading

Hands-on DNA: Exploring Evolution

Over the 14 months of the main project the team selected, trained, equipped and supported 15 geographically spread UK centres to deliver excellent molecular biology workshops. The project also provided the necessary resources and project structure to assist centres to … Continue reading

Meet the gene machine

Led by the Science Communication Unit (SCU) based at The University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, the project ran in partnership with 8 UK science centres throughout the UK: At-Bristol, Bristol. Centre for Life, Newcastle. Glasgow Science Centre, … Continue reading

Apprenticeships at Thinktank

First we created a job role that would fit the needs of the business and also fit within the apprenticeship framework. We decided to offer a dual role which was spread between 2 different teams – the first one more … Continue reading

Climate change testimonies from refugees

Virtual Migrants in partnership with the Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures and Manchester Refugee Support Network trained 15 members from different refugee communities in video camera interviewing and documenting techniques, including uses and methods of editing, internet uploading and blogging. These … Continue reading

Stars and Stories

Trained up 5 storytellers and attended the festival, owing to the terrible weather conditions our targets were not quite reached, but still engaged 308 festival goers with constellation star stories. This project was supported by an IOP public engagement grant

Perspectives 2003 – 2008

36 researchers are chosen annually and spend one day in London for a training workshop before preparing a poster on their work and exhibiting it at the British Science Festival. Here they use their poster as a means of engaging … Continue reading

Media Fellowships

10 fellows were selected and placed with a media host for 3-6 weeks to learn the ropes of how the media works. They write news articles, do radio interviews with scientists, and then work in the press centre for a … Continue reading

Herschel Space Telescope

Working with scientists at Cardiff University & Imperial College, science made simple developed a 45 minute demonstration show exploring IR astronomy and the Herschel Space telescope. The show was delivered to schools in East Anglia & South Wales

Media Fellowship

10 placements of 3-8 weeks

Digital Discovery

We worked with local film and radio professionals to run workshops introducing the kids to stop-motion animation or audio broadcast. They worked in small groups for 15-20 hours to produce their finished pieces. As part of this they interviewed practising … Continue reading

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